We have puppies - litter G.

Our "G" litter was born on Friday 26 of May 2023. Niky and the puppies are doing well. We have 6 puppies - 3 boys and 3 girls.

GALTON Danibull

GIN TONIC Danibull

GUNNE Danibull

GABA Danibull

GRETA Danibull

GULIANA Danibull

From mating: Ch. Classic Dream´s GRENN BOY OF OONA x Ch. BROWNIE Danibull

The puppies will is intended for serious owners with the hope of use in hunting, sports, competitions, promotion of our Slovak national breed of dogs, or for further breeding or other social use (pet).

We breed the puppies in our kennel with love in the home environment, we take care of socialization and we feed a wide range of the highest quality ingredients.

For all puppies we provide a sales contract, official pedigree (pedigree FCI), each puppy is chipped and have PET PASS, registered in the central register of pets and in the studbook, of course, all the necessary veterinary treatments (vaccinations, deworming) and documents, puppies will be feeding to dry food (top quality) and with fresh food - BARF.

Breeding service, help with education and training is a matter of course for us.

TV spot from our kennel in Slovak Hunting program (2020) - 

If you are interested in a puppy of a Slovak wire haired pointer from our kennel, don't hesitate and contact us before puppies born.


Mother of puppies is - Ch. WW. EW. BROWNIE Danibull (Niky)

    Niky is the most successful SRHP female in the world, universal hunting dog. World and European champion. She won the award for the most successful pointer (Slovakia Dog Cup) in Slovakia for 2018 and 2019. The absolute winner of the Slovakia Dog Cup 2019. She successfully passed all types of funting tests - SVS, FSS, JSS, LSS, ŠSVP, VSS - all in the 1st prize.

    Niky is a great in the field, she excels at searching and pointing. She has a beautiful figures in pointing. He is very calm in front of animals and among the retrieves she prefers fox the most. 

    It is her second litter. Her first litter was extremely successful. Probably the most famous is her son Ch. DJANGO Danibull and then her daughter Ch. DORKA Danibull.

    You can find information about Niky and her photos here.



Father is - Ch. Classice Dream´s GREEN BOY OF OONA (Skrutten)

    I have never used a dog in breeding that I have not seen live before. I knew Skrutten's father well, I even showed him at the World Dog Show in 2013, where I had the opportunity to see his mother as well. I had the opportunity to see both parents at work, and to have a good look at the exterior. Both of his parents are extremely successful (father have Memorial Karel Podhájský, Mem. Bohuslav Zemka, Klaudius Lukáč Cup, Marián Korič Cup and ... Mother 2x world winner, great field female ... ). Skrutten has an extremely interesting pedigree even going back quite a few generations. However, we still had to see Skrutten in live, so we traveled to see him in February.

    Skrutten comes from the top Swedish kennel Classic Dream's, lives with active hunters in Switzerland. I have been watching him since he was a puppy, I have carefully watched his growth, development and also his offspring. I've been planning mating with him for several years. 

    He is a beautiful, big and elegant dog. He has a beautifull personality. Excellent head, great body balance. He have typical great movement. Full teeth, scissor bite. He is still in top condition for his age. Overall, he is in a great type and corresponds to my idea of a dog. Breed type is important to me and Skrutten fulfills all of these.

    Skrutten is a show Champion and has successfully passed several work tests in Germany and Switzerland.

    You can see his pedigree HERE and the photos below in the album.

Photos from past litters

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