Club hunting ability test for pointers

20-06-2020 Club hunting ability test for pointers, KCHHMO, Nivnice, Czech republic

CONEY Danibull - I.cena, 225 bodov, res. CACT, 4. miesto z 24 psov


Puppies was born

08.05.2020 was born our "D" litter. Totaly 7 puppies (4 males and 3 females).


Hunting and fishing magazine

In slovak top hunting and fishing magazine is now article about our slovakian wire haired pointer pedigree database. 


We expect puppies

We expect puppies of Slovakian wire haired pointers at the beginning of May from very interesant mating! 

Mother of puppies will be our "Niky" - CH. BROWNIE Danibull

Father of puppies will be "Zino" - ZINO Kamenný most

Zino is 3 years old active hunting dog with perfect body and excellent coat. Pedigree of puppies will be full of the best working and show slovakian wire haired pointers. 


Hunting magazine

In Europe hunting magazine is article abour our online pedigree database for Slovakian wire haired pointer. 

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