Hunting test for pointers 2019

JCh. BROWNIE Danibull „Niky“ – in 3 months we did all hunting trials


Ability test for pointers – 2x I. merit, 165 and 213(CZE) points

Blood tracking test for pointers – I. merit, 68 points

Water test for pointers – I. merit, 89 points

Forest test for pointers – I. merit, 255 points

(Marian Korič Cup – I. merit, 344 points)

Autumn test for pointers – I. merit, 232 points


We can continue with some trials competition. 


Autumn pointer test

10-08-2019 Autumn pointer test (Club test), Dropie

JCh. BROWNIE Danibull - I. merit, 232 points


Pointers clubs dog Show, CZE

10-08-2019 Pointers Clubs Dog Show, Zákupy, CZE, judge: RNDr. Petr Dvořák, CZE

BERETTA Danibull - Exc1, CAC, Special club show winner

Beretta also done autumn and water test for pointers. 


Pointer trials: Marián Korič Cup, Budmerice, Slovakia

03+04.08.2019 MARIÁN KORIČA CUP (Forest and Water pointer test), Budmerice, Slovakia


JCh. BROWNIE Danibull - 344 points

03-08-2019 Water test for pointers: 1st merit, 89 points
04-08-2019 Forest test for pointers: 1st merit, 255 points


Regional dog show Povoda, Slovakia

27-07-2019 Regional dog show, Povoda, Slovakia, judge: Szabo Sándor, HU

JCh. BROWNIE Danibull - Exc1, Class winner, Regional winner, Grand prix national breeds 2nd place, BEST IN SHOW 3rd place

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