13-04-2019 CACIB Limoges, France

13.04.2019 CACIB Limoges,France, judge: Parent Nathalie

BLANCHE Danibull “Nougatine” - exc1, CACS, CACIB, BOB - Meilleur de Race

Owner: "Von Der Silberwaldperle" 


We expect puppies

We expect puppies of Slovakian wire haired pointers at the beginning of May from very interesant mating! 


Presentation in University in Nitra

My presentation about breeding, welfare and dogs law in Slovakia at Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra. Second part of presentation was slovak national breeds, including Slovakian wire haired pointer and third part was presentation about dog handling. http://www.uniag.sk/sk/aktualne-informacie/items/o-chove-psov-s-renomovaným-kynológom-a-absolventom-spu/?fbclid=IwAR2CRpNqJIpgQOObq12JPTB3qU3weczu-tInuBBLRQkdbW22jlUMn4OVNRU 


Congratulations letter

Letter of congratulations for me from Slovakian Club of Bohemian pointers. 


Danibull kennel car

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